The admins may be unsure whether the user who signed up is a valid member of the community or the information captured is insufficient to approve access. At this stage, the admins can request more information by clicking on 👇

What happens after the admin clicks on the button?

The user is then sent the below-automated email.

This email is listed on the Automated Emails section (Admin Panel > Settings > Automated Emails) with the subject line as "{{school_name}} - Unable to verify your account"

TIP: Customize this email according to additional information you'd require to approve the users' access.

Where can the admin see the additional information sent by the user?

The reply email (by user) is sent to the platform's Primary Communication Reply Email Address which you can see in the homepage footer under the contact section.

What's next?

If the admin is satisfied with the information provided, they can approve the users' access from the Data studio or All Users page.

What can the admin do if the additional information provided is still insufficient to approve access?

The admin can "block access" if the additional information doesn't fulfill the criteria for approval.

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