As your directory starts to collect and display more items, you may consider making it easier for your members to quickly filter down to relevant items and find what they were looking for.

As administrators, you can customize the list of things that users can filter and sort based on what their needs might be.

For example:- filter by Business Category for a Business Directory, or sort by Date to apply for a Jobs List, or filter by Class year on User Stories Board.

Add a filter and sort options to the Directory

  • To add a filter and sort options, head over to the Search and Sort Settings section and choose required options on Select Available Filters and Default Sort fields.

  • The filters and sort options that are available to you will be automatically available in the list.

  • Once set up it will be visible on the directory

I don't see the desired field on the list to add it as a filter or sort option

It may be because of the following reasons:

  • For filters, currently only form fields that are either Radio button, Dropdown, Dropdown(range), and Location are supported. Basically only the single select fields.

  • For sorting, only the single-line text, and date fields are supported.

  • Form fields that are not added to the directory either in the 'summary' section or the 'Other details' section cannot be set up as filters or for sorting.

If you need any help setting it up or if you have any questions at all, email us at We are here to help 😃.

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