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Editing Information Shared by Guests for an Event
Editing Information Shared by Guests for an Event

see how to make changes to the details shared by guests during event registration, like — food preferences, buying additional tickets, etc.

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Guests reach out with a request to make changes to their registration, like buying additional tickets, adding or removing accompanying guests, or simply updating their preferences in the registration or guest form.

There are two ways to do it —

Option 1: The event coordinator/event admin edits guest details

An admin can edit the details in two simple steps —

Step 1: On the Guest Manager tab, search for the guest.

Type the guest's name on the search bar and click on view details.

Step 2: Edit Registration

When you click on "view details," a sidebar will show up on your screen.

Click on the "Edit registration" option, and you'll be redirected to the following page.

Select the "Make Changes" option to edit the event registration details submitted by the guest for the event👍.

Option 2: Guests edit the details themselves

Guests can edit the information, by clicking on the Modify registration link on the event registration confirmation email.

Note: The name, email address, affiliation, and phone number of the main guest cannot be edited.

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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