We've come across multiple situations where there is an offline gift made towards a giving campaign, and the site admin wants to record that transaction online on the website. Or the organization has decided to move their giving campaign from a different platform to Almabase with an option to record all the gifts made on the other platform.

In this article, let's understand how you can record few offline gifts and also bulk upload gifts data into Almabase. 😄

How to record few offline gifts

Step 1: Go to the Gifts tab and click on the plus icon.

You will be redirected to Add a gift page.

Step 2: Add the necessary gift details and hit on Save Gift.

The other sections to add details on this page are.

  • Gift/Gift Splits - here, you can add the gift amount and to which fund you'd like to allocate this gift.

  • Gift Instructions - You can add the tribute message and a note for the gift in this section. You can also indicate whether the donor chose to be anonymous or not.

  • Transaction Details - Date of the gift made and the payment method used.

  • Attribution - select the giving page and other UTM parameters.

📝 We suggest this process only if you are to record about 10 to 15 gifts. If the gifts to record are higher than that, then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to bulk upload gifts data to a Giving Campaign

Step 1: Go to the Import Gifts page (admin panel > giving > gift import)

On this page, click on the "Start Import" button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Upload the gift data file.

You will have to maintain the gift details in this EXCEL FORMAT.

Step 3: Setting up Import Rules.

The following pages to map are :

  • Page Mapping - which page you'd like to add these offline gift data

  • Fund Designation - to which fund you'd like to allocate this data

  • Other Details - Other common details for the gift data.

Once you've set up the above pages as per your preferences, our system will process the data and upload the gift details. 👍

You can check the Gift Import page to know if the data is uploaded or still processing stage.

NOTE: We cannot add pre/post payment form details when adding offline gifts.

📝 Key Points for successful gift upload.

  • If there are Funds mentioned in the gift file, then add values to the Split Amount column.

  • Make sure to convert the Amount & Split Amount columns to "Number" format on the excel sheet.

  • You should convert the Date column into a "Text" format on the excel sheet.

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Please reach out to us at help@almabase.com or through the chat bubble 💬 if you are stuck at any stage during bulk data upload or have any questions regarding the same.

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