Best Practices for Homecoming on Almabase

Tips to increase participation and reduce dropouts for your homecoming or any other events on Almabase

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Two key aspects of an event that matter are registration and participation, and in this article, we have tried to list some features that help you increase the same.

1. Ask your staff and some influential alumni to spread the word.

Have your community do the marketing for you. Encourage them to share the events in their network or social media using the easy-to-share options on the platform.

2. Make it easy for the guests to show up for the event.

The guests can now mark the event on their calendar at the time of the registration itself or from the confirmation email.

3. Give a chance to users who are unsure of their availability (Remind me to register).

The guest may not be particularly sure about their availability or be in a rush but want to look at it later. Using this option, they can set a calendar reminder for themselves to come back to the event and register for it.

4. Venue or Meeting URL in the confirmation email

There is no particular reason for a guest to go to the registration kit for public or guest-only events or events without multiple tickets. It would be only to access the event venue or the virtual event URL.
We added the venue details (or virtual URL) to the confirmation email and also to the calendar location field. The guest only needs to go to the kit if they wish to edit their registration.

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