Merge tags are used to insert unique user data from your mailing list into emails; it's a great way to send personalized and effective email communication to your community members.

Any single value field on a user's profile can be added as a merge tag on your emails. Like First Name, Last Name, Prefix, Birth Date, etc.

What are single-valued fields on a profile?

Any field the user can add only one answer/value to is known as a single-valued field. They can be —

Example 👇


Before you start designing your email, make sure to select an email group so that our systems pick up the available single value field from the email group members' profiles.

Without an email group, limited merge tags will be visible.

What is "Include sample data from" when sending test emails? What does it do?

Include Sample Data field is to select a record to preview the merge tag values added to the email. Once you send the test email, the values for the merge tags are picked from the selected record.

Note: It doesn't send the test email to the selected record. Only the email addresses on the field "Send a test email to" will receive the test email.


Why are there different records are listed every time I work on composing a new email? Which records are listed here?

The records listed here are the members of the email group you're sending the mail to and the email sender's record. The list is updated every time you select a different email group.

Do I have to select a record even if there are no merge tags in the email I composed?

Yes, Include Sample data is a mandatory field, and you will have to select a record even if there are no merge tags on your email.

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