Tribute Messages are an excellent way for donors to express gratitude towards their Alma Mater; it is displayed on the honor wall of the Giving Page.

(screenshot is taken from Germanna Give Day 2021)

In this article, let's understand where and how a donor can share their tribute message on social media.

Sharing the Tribute Message from the "Thank You" popup

After the donor has completed the payment procedure, they'll find the option to share the tribute message on the Thank You popup.

Clicking on Facebook or Twitter logo will redirect the donor to the respective social media homepage and share or copy tribute message and share it with their network.

This is preferred when the donors have just made a gift and wish to share the tribute message right away.

Sharing the Tribute Message from the donors' secret dashboard

When donors have made a gift for a Giving campaign, they are sent the below-automated email

Subject Line: Thank you for joining the "Campaign Name" campaign.

Donors will have to click on the "Go to my Dashboard" button, and they'll be redirected to the page below.

On the Share box under the My Tribute tab, they will find an option to share their tribute on social media.

This process is preferred when the donors wish to share their tribute message at a later date.

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