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Welcome to Spaces - Online Communities
Welcome to Spaces - Online Communities

Spaces help you create specific programs within your large community to meaningfully engage with their needs at a personal level.

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Spaces is an online community platform that helps you manage multiple groups of people within your community.

What's a 'Space'?

A space is like a private online bulletin board.

You could use this bulletin board to post important announcements for your scholars, updates about the upcoming reunion, or job opportunities.

Spaces has a new security system built-in called Verifications that helps you keep the information on the bulletin board private and available only to its members.

How are 'Spaces' different from 'Communities'?

Spaces is the latest version of the Communities product.

Here are some new features available on Spaces :

How will the 'Spaces' platform help me improve engagement?

Spaces helps you engage your community in 2 ways.

  1. Personalization

  2. Automated Email Digests & Alerts

From Amazon to Netflix, your users are accustomed to being served information that suits their needs and interests. The Home Feed on Spaces' is customized to each user's interest so they're only seeing the information they are likely to interact with.

The Automated Digest collects new updates from across all of the user's interests and sends them a quick summary every week/month, saving you the time to curate updates and send out emails to different user groups manually.

Isn't 'Spaces' like other social media platforms?

In a lot of ways, Spaces functions similarly to other social media platforms when it comes to the use of a feed, email digests, and groups.

The key difference is that you own all the data, content, and distribution on Almabase and won't need to spend additional dollars on ads to reach your entire audience. All the engagement is available for reporting on Engagement Studio.

Social media is a great marketing avenue but isn't very friendly to community and program-building requirements.

Will our users need to create a new account to use 'Spaces'?

Nope. Spaces is purposefully designed to make it easy for young and senior alumni to access when they need it and not be another social media platform they need to sign up on.

Spaces is built using a new easy-to-access security framework called Verifications. Anybody who is already on your database can access private spaces by simply verifying their emails. No additional account setup is necessary.

Learn more about verifications.

What will our members see?

When they are logged out

When your members are logged out - they are regarded as the general public. They will be able to see posts from all your spaces that have their privacy settings set to "Public" (learn more in 'Setting up a space')

While the general public can share posts, they won't be able to upvote or view comments until they are logged in and verified as eligible members of that space. (learn more about verifications)

When they are logged in

Once your users are logged in and verified, The sidebar is customized to show them the spaces they are subscribed to. Their feeds will also populate with posts from the spaces they are subscribed to.

Verified users will also be able to upvote, comment, and create posts in the spaces they are eligible to participate.

If you have any queries, please reach out to us at

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