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Understanding and Managing Digests
Understanding and Managing Digests

This article will break down what a digest is, how it's sent, and additional features you can benefit from.

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1. What is a Digest?
A digest is a summarized collection of the most recent posts from all the spaces a user is subscribed to.

2. Scheduling the Digest:
As admins, you have the flexibility to schedule the digest. It can be scheduled either:

  • Every Friday

  • On the first of each month

3. Understanding Digest Subscriptions:
For a user to receive a digest:

  • The user must be subscribed to the digest. (All users are auto-subscribed initially but can unsubscribe via the 'Subscriptions' page or the 'Adjust Preferences' link in each digest.)

  • The user should be subscribed to at least one space. Users aren’t auto-subscribed to spaces, but you can opt them in. More on this in Subscribers on Spaces.

  • There must be at least one new post since the last digest was sent.

4. Do users need to register to receive the digest?
No. Any user in the database with an accessible email and subscribed to spaces will get the digest.

5. Additional Features:

  • You can exclude a post from an upcoming digest by toggling off the 'show' button next to it.

  • You can preview the digest before it's triggered to decide which posts to keep in the digest and which ones to remove.

  • Access data on the last sent digest, such as Delivered, Opens, Clicked, and Total subscribers.

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