This article is a collection of all the changes made to the Fundraising Dashboard.

Funds, how to add them?

  • Funds has now been moved to the admin panel. You can now update it from →
    Admin panel > Giving > Funds.

Add Offline Gifts

Add offline gifts from the Gift Dashboard tab. You can add single gifts or import multiple gifts at once.

How can we update the gift settings?

The gift settings tab has been moved to the admin panel.

㆔ Admin panel > Giving > Gift Settings

Editing, Viewing & Mapping Gifts

All of these actions can be taken from the list view of the gifts on the dashboard

On the List view -

  • Click on the "Mapping Pill" to map/unmap a gift.

  • Click on the eye or the pencil to view or edit the gift.

Exporting gifts from the Fundraising Dashboard

Export the gifts in the default format or the Raiser's Edge format from the Table view of gifts.

  • Exporting all the gifts

Click on the ⚙️icon, and select Export all gifts

Select the gifts you'd like to export, and then Selected gifts > Export selected gifts.

List Fundraising Pages as per your preference

Admins have control over sequencing the fundraising pages according to their greatest needs/preferences by click on the "Reorder Pages" button.

The sequence admins set here will be displayed to the users on the fundraising page (/fundraising).

Ex -

Gift settings, how to update them?

The gift settings tab has been moved to the admin panel.

㆔ Admin panel > Giving > Gift Settings

Where is the Periodic Reports Tab?

There are no periodic reports option on the Dashboard, but you can sort out gifts for the required timeframe using the date range option on the Table view of gifts.

What about the Company Gift Matching?

The Company Gift Matching tab has been removed from the Fundraising Dashboard. Almabase still integrates with DoubleTheDonation.

Here's a help article on How To Integrate DoubleTheDonation with Almabase. Reach out to us at to set it up.

Please reach out to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions about the Fundraising Dashboard changes.

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