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Creating an Events Directory on Almabase
Creating an Events Directory on Almabase

Learn how to create a directory for various events like private, philanthropic, and reunion events on Almabase.

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Using Almabase's Directories feature, you can create an Events Directory to categorize and list various events.

This tool is great for managing events like private, philanthropic, reunions, and past or upcoming events, making them easily accessible through a single URL.

Step 1: Navigate to Directories in Admin Panel

Go to "Tools" > "Directories" from the admin panel.

Step 2: Begin Events Directory Creation

  1. Click the "+" sign.

  2. Choose "Event Directory" from the dropdown.

Step 3: Define Criteria for Directory

  1. Select "Publish Criteria" and set your criteria for the Events Directory.

  2. Adjust "Privacy" & "Other" settings as required.

  3. Click "Save Changes".

  1. Is Published: Filter events by their publication status.

  2. Event Tags: List events with specific tags.

  3. Published On: Specify a date range for listing events.

Best Practices

  • Create directories for specific causes.

  • Track engagement under the "Reports" tab.

  • Use event tags for easy directory creation.

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