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Reporting on Community Engagement
Reporting on Community Engagement

What's the best way to assess whether the online platform that you launched is working?

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For a few years, one of the key metrics you would see when you logged into Almabase was the number of sign-ups to the platform. At the time, we believed that a high number of sign-ups meant that people were happy to participate in the online platform.

However, over the years, we've realized that neither the number of sign-ups nor the percentage of sign-ups paints a good picture of how engaged your community is.

Communities with a large number of sign-ups don't guarantee vibrancy. Communities with a small percentage of sign-ups don't mean sluggish or inactive either.

We've since worked with many of our partner schools to build tools to report on community engagement that looks beyond sign-ups that happen once in a lifetime and into the engagement that happens repetitively over and over again. Engagement Studio and Engagement Reports help you report on your community's progress based on your needs.

With Verification badges, we've also reimagined how security and permissions could work within alumni communities, eliminating the need to create new accounts on different platforms.

With features like the Mapper, we've made it possible to capture engagement without requiring your users to sign up or log in to your platform.

We've also learned that the most successful alumni communities enable their members to give and take from the community through very specific and intentional programs. Programs that work because they are designed around what the alumni need, one focus group at a time.

To reflect our learnings, we're updating the admin home page to report on touchpoints and monthly engaged users starting this week.

I would still like to see how many sign-ups happened. Is there a way I can still do that?

The touchpoint 'Updated a record' on Engagement Studio covers sign-ups too, and will be the best way to report on signups.

If not sign-ups, how do we measure engagement within the community?

You can report on whether your community is growing in a few different ways. Please talk to your success manager to learn more about setting up reports for you.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat bubble ๐Ÿ’ฌ for any questions. ๐Ÿ˜„

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