How to Pull Constituent Data from Raiser's Edge to Almabase

See step by step instructions on how to pull constituent data from Raiser's Edge to Almabase

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  • Create a list ID on Raiser's Edge NXT with the constituents you would like to bring over to Almabase.

  • Connecting your Raiser's Edge with the Almabase platform

    This is a one-time setup. If you have not setup the connection between the two systems, please refer to this article on how to do it: Connect your RE to Almabase

    Once RE is connected to Almabase, search for Database using the global Search 🔍  option, or go to SettingsDatabase.

    You should now be able to see your Raiser's Edge account in the "Connection to RENXT" field dropdown.

Let's begin the Data Pull Process.

Step 1 - Choose the connection.

On the Connect Database page, choose your Raiser's Edge account in the field 'Connection to RENXT".  Once connected, test the connection and if everything is set up correctly, you will get a green remark.

Step 2 - Enter the school/college name as defined in your RE

In this step, enter the name of your school/college/organization as defined in Raiser's Edge.

Note: You can add multiple school/college/organization names comma-separated here. All education details for the school names mentioned in this step will be added to the "Primary education field," and any other education details will be added to the "Other education field" on a constituent's profile.

Step 3 - Select the solicit code for setting the emailing preference on Almabase

This step is optional but comes in really handy if you have email preferences already set on your RE NXT and you would like to bring them over for your default communication preferences.

Step 4 - Select fields you would like to pull from RE NXT to AB

There are certain fields that are mandatory and certain fields that are custom fields that you would like to pull from RE NXT to AB. You can click on "Select Fields" and choose the required fields to be pulled over to AB.

For example, If you have a custom field called 'Sports' in your Raiser's Edge and you want to pull it into Almabase.You will find the list of all custom fields present in your Raiser's Edge in this step.

Note: This is not a mandatory step. You can click on proceed without choosing custom fields if you think it's not required. You can always come back later and add more fields if you missed adding certain fields the first time you pull data. However, you can't delete fields that you choose to pull over to Almabase.

Step 5 - Select data types you would like to pull into Almabase

Some data on your database may not be required for your community on Almabase. You can choose to exclude data types like work addresses, or fax numbers from being pulled into Almabase.

Step 6 - Review a profile

Now that you have set all the settings regarding the data you would like to pull from RE NXT to AB, before pulling all the constituents, it would be best if you pull a handful of profiles first and review those to make sure everything is in line with how you would like it to appear on AB.

You can pull a record by searching for the constituent's name or by using their system record ID. Check the profile, and if all the fields you have selected in Step 4 look good, you can go ahead with initiating the bulk data pull.


Step 6 - Pull Data to Almabase

This is the final stage, where you pull the bulk data using the List ID you had created earlier.

Make sure you check box all the review pointers mentioned on the screen and then you can click on "Start Import"

Step 1: Click on the button 'Start Import', and a box will pop up. Choose to Create/Update Records and click on Next.

Step 2: Select the List ID from the dropdown list of all the Lists you have on your Raiser's Edge. 

Step 3: Select an internal name for the field which you can later use to filter records being pulled from the Data Studio.

Step 4: Select how you would like to upload records ie., Create or Update, Only Create, or Only Update

Step 5: You can also choose to remove specific fields that you don't want to pull during the upload.

Step 6: Click on "Pull Data into Almabase"

This would start the data pull. Depending on the number of constituents being pulled, it might take some time for this final step to get completed.

You will get notified once the data pull is completed.

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