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How are Recurring Gifts Synced to Raiser's Edge
How are Recurring Gifts Synced to Raiser's Edge

understand how recurring gifts are pushed to Raiser's Edge for payment gateways —Stripe and BBMS.

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  • For Stripe Payment Gateway:

    • The recurring gift sync process for the Stripe payment gateway is similar to the regular one-time gift sync process. You can follow this article to push recurring gift payments to RE.

    • Points to note:

      • You can create a common gift list for one-time gifts and recurring gift payments and push it to RE or do it separately. It's your call.

      • One-time gifts can be differentiated from the recurring gift payments basis the gift type visible on RE.

      • Whenever there is a subsequent recurring gift payment, repeat the same process by creating a gift list.

  • For BBMS Payment Gateway:

    • The recurring gifts for the BBMS Payment gateway are synced automatically to RE by Almabase without any manual intervention at your end. To push BBMS recurring gifts to RE in real-time, please ensure the below conditions are met:

      • The gift should be mapped to a constituent - You need to ensure all recurring gifts are mapped to a constituent before the next subsequent payment. If you do not map a recurring gift, the subsequent payment will fail.

      • The mapped constituent should have an external database ID - Please ensure that the mapped constituent on Almabase has a System Record ID that corresponds to the same constituent record on Raiser's Edge.

        You can verify both of the above conditions under the Recurring Gifts tab of your giving page. If gifts show up under the 'Unmapped gifts' or Without constituent section, please map the constituent to the right record to avoid any issues.

        Note: If the number of gifts is more than 0 in the Unmapped Gifts and Without Constituent section, we send reminder emails to email IDs added in the "Send notifications to" field of the Giving page to take action.

      • Funds should have an External Database ID - The funds added to the giving campaign should have a valid External Database ID (System record ID). We show the below warning under the Fund designation section of the giving page if the added fund does not have an external database ID.

        If you see the above warning, please head to Admin panel > Settings > Fund Settings to add the system record ID for the respective fund.

        Once all the above checks are in place, the BBMS recurring gifts will be pushed to Raiser's Edge automatically, and the donor will be successfully charged as scheduled.

    • Refer to the below steps to understand how this process works at our end:

      • Step 1- Once the donor makes the recurring gift, Almabase automatically creates a recurring gift placeholder on RE.

      • Step 2 - Almabase then creates a batch on RE for the first recurring gift payment. All first recurring gift payments received for the ongoing campaign are added to the same batch unless it is approved.

      • Step 3 - The first recurring gift payment starts reflecting on RE once the batch is approved by you.

      • Step 4 - For subsequent recurring gift payments, RE automatically creates a batch whenever a payment is received. Once the batch is approved, the subsequent gift payment is synced to RE and also starts reflecting on Almabase within one day.

Please reach out to in case you have any questions.

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