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Do I have to create a list every time I want to pull records? I would like to pull one single record from RENXT. Is there an easier way to do this?

There is an easier way to pull records if you only have a handful of them to be brought in.
To pull a single record, you do not have to create a list and pull the list to Almabase. You can head to the Review tab on the sync settings window and click on the Select Record button.

Once you click on the button, you can either search for the user by their name or you can use the system record ID for their constituent record to pick the exact record from RENXT.

Once you load the sample data, the profile will be automatically added to the platform, and you can find the same on Data Studio.

What are the permissions required for Constituent Sync?

Required permissions for Constituent Sync are as follows πŸ‘‡

  • Environment Admin Access

  • Security Groups - Full Rights/View Only permissions are required for Constituent Sync.

Please refer to this article to know how you can grant Environment Admin Access and Security Group permissions.

We uploaded several lists to Almabase, where some constituents appear on multiple lists. I am concerned about duplicate entries inflating the record count nearing the contract limit. Need to verify no duplicates count as multiple records.

When you upload email lists on Almabase, the system checks for existing profiles based on the email given. If the profile already exists, no new record is created for that email. This means that even if a constituent is present in multiple lists, it will not create multiple records on Almabase.

I am not able to see the list I created on RE 7/ Database view in the drop-down to import constituents.

Almabase displays all the lists from RE NXT or Web View only. If you have created the query list on the Database view, here's how you can move it to the Web view.

1. Make sure that the list created on RE 7 or Database view has the correct type and format. Make the relevant changes before going to step 2. Here's the correct type and format:

Type: Constituent

Format: Static

2. On RE NXT go to Lists ➑ Constituents ➑ Start with a Static query and search for the query list created on RE 7.

3. Open the list and save it as a new list. Make sure to select Others can manage option.

After the list is saved on RE NXT, you should be able to see the list on Almabase.

We make changes (exclude imported and include new records) to the same list every time we have to sync constituents. However, I noticed the number of constituents on the list isn't correctly reflecting on Almabase during import. How can we fix it?

If you are including or excluding records on the list on RE, please make sure to save the list every time a change is made. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Once, that's done, Almabase will reflect the number of records on the list correctly.

How can I view the guidelines currently set for our organization under Sync Rules in the Set Guidelines section, especially when the page appears blank, indicating no guidelines are set, despite having been configured previously?

Set Guidelines: This option lets us add broad-level guidelines to reviewing changes before pushing data between Almabase and Raiser's Edge NXT. It goes blank once the changes made are saved. You can see the changes reflect under Review rules for each field πŸ‘‡πŸ½

πŸ’‘ Note: Set Guidelines are global sync rules and are one-directional. They provide guidelines for setting up sync rules and cannot be derived from sync rules, as sync rules can be configured differently for each field.

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