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What Are the Additional Features of Events Advanced Plan?
What Are the Additional Features of Events Advanced Plan?

What are the new features available for Events advanced plan and where can I find them?

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With Events Advanced, you can access the below features:

  1. Show/hide sub-events based on whether another sub-event has been registered for

    • The sub event conditionality feature allows you to control the visibility and access of subevents based on ticket conditions.

    • For Example: Let's consider an event with two tickets: Ticket 1 and Ticket 2. For Ticket 2, we have set the following ticket conditions:

      • Who gets to select this ticket - Only guests who have specific tickets.

      • Show this ticket only to guests who also have the following ticket - Ticket 1.

    • In this scenario, we have two subevents associated with the main event:

      • Subevent 1, which is associated with Ticket 1.

      • Subevent 2, which is associated with Ticket 2.

    • Subevent Visibility Logic: Based on the ticket conditions, the visibility of Subevent 2 is conditional. Subevent 2 will only be visible when a user selects Ticket 1 at the time of registration.

  2. Show or hide ticketing options based on other tickets selected.

    Under Ticket conditions, you can choose who gets to select this ticket. There are two options available under this: All Guests or Only Guests have another specific ticket.

  3. Split ticket amount into taxable and non-taxable.

    • Splitting your ticket - When creating your ticket, you have the option to set a portion of the ticket to be exempt from tax (see screenshot 👇)

    • Tax receipt Email - On the Guest Communication section for your event, you have the option to schedule the tax receipt email that is sent to the guests.

    Refer to this article for more details.

  4. Collect additional information on each ticket (Ex: Shirt-size)

    Under Ticket options, You can add a question and a list of options while people are buying the ticket.
    For example: What type of meal you would prefer? Options: Veg, Non-veg, Vegan

  5. Schedule emails based on sub-event registrations and ticket purchases.

    On the Guest manager tab, filter the sub event and send emails specific to guests who registered for that sub event.

6. Allow guests to check in using QR codes at each sub-event

Open Kiosk and choose the sub event you want to check in guests using QR codes.

7. Push sub-event data as a separate event on CRM [Raiser’s Edge NXT]

On Sync and Exports tab of your events page, head to Sync configuration > Event configuration to push the sub-event and the main event as two separate events on Raiser's Edge.

8. Inbuilt reporting for events and sub-events [Includes reporting on guests and tickets]

Reports bring all the information regarding the tickets, registrations, and check-ins into one place. Refer to this article for more details.

9. Assigning admin permissions: Event Volunteer

Event Volunteers can check in guests to events and sub-events. This permission is for someone who is responsible for the check-in kiosk. Event Volunteer permission is automatically granted when you add the person on the Volunteer list.

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