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How to Create a Private Event?

Learn to create an event that is exclusive to a selected group of alums.

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Looking to create an event on the platform for a selected group of alumni? Try creating a private event.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Other Settings'

  1. Make sure you are on the Event Settings page.

  2. Find the 'Other Settings' section.

Step 2: Make the Event Private

  1. Find the toggle label 'Public Event'.

  2. Switch the toggle off.

What happens when the 'Public Event' toggle is off?

  • Disables the share option: Prevents easy sharing with non-intended individuals by removing the share feature.

  • Removes the event from listings: Excludes the event from public event listings, calendars, and feeds to maintain exclusivity.

  • Prevents search engine discovery: Ensures the event remains hidden from search engine results.

  • Affects homepage event card visibility:

    • Site admins can see all events, including private ones.

    • Logged-in users can view public events and private events they've registered for.

    • Non-logged-in users can only see public events.

Note: Anyone with the event can still register. If you only want a certain group to register, enable 'Show only to Approved guests' under Event Venue.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Intercom Chat πŸ’¬. We are here to assist you! πŸ˜„

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