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Is It Possible to Create a Private Event?
Is It Possible to Create a Private Event?

Learn how to create an event on the platform but only invite a select group of alums

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If you're looking to create an event on the platform and restrict it to a select group of alumni, you can easily achieve this by creating a private event. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create a private event and ensure its exclusivity.

Step 1: Within the event settings page, look for the "Other Settings" section.

Step 2: Find the toggle labeled "Public event" and switch it off to make the event private.

When the "Public event" toggle is turned off, it triggers the following actions:

  • Hides the share option: This prevents the event from being easily shared with individuals outside the intended group. The below option is removed from the event's registration page.

  • Removes the event from listings: The event will no longer appear in public event listings, event calendar or feeds visible to users, maintaining its exclusivity.

  • Prevents search engine discovery: By making the event private, it will not be discoverable through search engines.

  • Affects the Events card visibility on Homepage basis the below criteria:

    • You [Site admins] can see all events (even if events are private).

    • Logged in users can see all public events and private events for which they have registered.

    • Non logged in users can see only public events.

Please note: Anyone with the link to the event can still register. Let's say you want only a certain group of people to register, the only way would be to enable "Show only to Approved guests" under Event Venue.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to our support team at

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