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Understanding the Approval System for New Sign-Ups on our Platform
Understanding the Approval System for New Sign-Ups on our Platform

Learn how does the approval system work for new sign ups and in what cases you receive a notification to approve a user to access the site.

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Our platform features an approval system for new sign-ups, ensuring a seamless registration process and maintaining data integrity. In this article, we will explain how our current approval system works, covering scenarios where users are auto-approved or marked as pending approval.

Auto-Approval for Existing Records: When a user already has a record uploaded to our platform and registers using the same email address associated with that record, they are automatically approved without notifying you. This streamlined process is possible because the email address provided during registration matches the one on their existing profile. As a result, the system recognizes the user and approves their registration automatically.

This design choice is based on the assumption that profiles uploaded to the platform are intended for individuals who will eventually register to become verified members.

Pending Approval for New Email Addresses: In contrast, when a user logs in using a new email address that is not associated with their record on Almabase, they are marked as pending approval. This means their registration requires manual verification or review before granting access to the platform. Refer to this article to approve these users.
The users would see the below red banner once they register on the platform.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the approval system, please reach out to our support team at

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