Link a Payment Account and Funds to the Campaign

see how to add a payment account to the campaign and associating funds for the donors to donate

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Link a Payment account

  • Under the Payment Options section, click on Add payment account.

  • In the sidebar, select a payment account and configure the amount settings for one-time gifts and monthly gifts.

πŸ“ You need to set up a payment account before linking a payment account to your campaign page. Here are the payment accounts we support and how you should go about setting those up.

πŸ“Œ Only Stripe and BBMS payment account support monthly donations.

Fund Designation

Under Fund Designation, enter the following details πŸ‘‡

  • Fund options - Select the funds you want to associate with the campaign.

  • Allow donors to give to multiple funds - Donors will be able to give to more than one fund of those configured on the page.

  • Would you like the donor to select from other funds? - Donors would be able to give to funds other than the ones configured on the page (under Fund options). So donors can donate to any funds you added to Almabase.

  • Allow users to add their own fund name - If a donor wants to donate towards a fund that is not listed, they can enter a fund name of their choice. See how it works.

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