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Create a Competitive Fundraising page
Set up Additional Settings and Publish the Campaign Page
Set up Additional Settings and Publish the Campaign Page

see how to allow tributes and anonymous gifts, setup thank you image and email, and publishing the campaign page to accept donations

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Gift Options

  • Allow anonymous gifts - Toggle this ON if you'd want to allow donors to give anonymously.

  • Allow gift tributes - Toggle this ON if you'd like the donor to attach a tribute to their gift.

  • Are quick select options visible - This is ON by default. The six default amount slabs are hidden; donors must enter the Amount manually.

Other Settings

  • Thank you image - Add a picture you want to show your donors after making a gift. This is displayed above the post-payment form.

  • Edit Thank You Email - An automated email goes out to the donors after their donation. You can customize it from here.

  • Set Gift Sync Metadata (RE NXT users only) - This option is to configure the Raiser's Edge appeal, package, and campaign associated with this giving page. More about it here.

  • Delete Page - Click on this button to delete the campaign page.

๐Ÿ“ A campaign can be deleted only if no donations are associated with it.

Publishing the Campaign

  • Turn on the toggle Publish Fundraising Page to make the campaign visible on the site.

  • Toggle On Accept Gifts to start accepting gifts on the Giving campaign.

Finally, hit on Save Changes. You are all set! ๐Ÿš€

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