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Create a Crowdfunding Page
Create the Page and Configure the Settings
Create the Page and Configure the Settings

see how to create a crowdfunding page and add details like - currency, notification, campaign dates, etc.

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Step 1: Create the page

  • Go to ToolsGiving on the admin navigation. On the next page, click the "+" sign.

  • Here, enter the Campaign Name and select Crowdfunding as the type.

Step 2: Enter Basic Details

  • Under the tab Page Settings in the Basic Settings section, enter the below details.

  • Currency for the campaign, the email addresses to send a notification when a gift is made, and a summary for the page.

Step 3: Add Campaign Settings

Under the Campaign Settings sections, enter the below details 👇

  • Campaign End Date: Select the date till you wish to keep this campaign page active.

  • Goal - You can select either "Amount" based goals which is the Amount to be raised for the campaign, or "Gift" based goals which total the Number of Gifts made towards the campaign

  • What would you like to call the Donate button? - Enter the text you want to show on the Donate button.

  • Donor Visibility - Choose one of three options based on how you want a donor to view others' donation information.

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