View, Edit, and Add Gifts

see how to view the all the details of the donations being made, how to edit them and add offline gifts

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View and Edit gifts

  • Under the Gifts tab, all the gifts will be listed for the campaign. Click on View details, for a gift to view the details of what the donor entered, donation amount, etc.

  • To update any of these details click on Edit Gift. This will open an edit page for you to update the details entered.

  • You can update the name, email, other contact details, form entries, tribute, and more.

πŸ“ The amount and fund can be updated only for offline gifts. It is recommended to add a new gift if you need to change the amount and funds for an online gift.

πŸ“Œ Funds can be updated for the offline gift. But the amount cannot be updated. If you want to change the amount, then add a gift/gift split, with the new amount and remove the old one.

Add a Gift

Step 1

Go to the Gifts tab and click on the plus icon. You will be redirected to Add a gift page.

Step 2

Add the donor details - Name, Email, Address, and Number.

Step 3

Add the amount and fund details.

Step 4

Add the tribute message and form entries for pre-payment and post-payment forms.

πŸ“ Sync Details - This section is mainly for gifts synced to Raiser's Edge. It can be ignored as these are auto-filled when the gift is synced.


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