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How to Check Gift Import Status
How to Check Gift Import Status

Learn how to check the import status, fix gift errors, and edit sync criteria after you start a Gift Import.

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Refer to this article to learn how to import gifts into Almabase from Raiser's Edge NXT.

Checking Import Status

On the Gift Import tab, the information about each gift import session can be checked. See the screenshot below to understand what each icon indicates.

Fixing Errors and Editing the sync criteria

Once you open the configuration you want to check, you have different options that allow you to edit the sync configuration and fix any errors that come up.

Listed in the screenshot below are the options available for admins to re-configure the gift import session ๐Ÿ‘‡.

1. Edit Sync Criteria: The sync criteria, such as frequency of pull, campaigns, appeals, or the giving page name, can be edited.
โ€‹2. Select the Gift Type: This drop-down can be used to switch between successfully pulled gifts and gifts with errors.

3. Successful Gifts: This gives an overview of the successfully pulled gifts. It shows the donor's name, the amount gifted, the gift date, and the option to edit the gift details.

4. Gifts with error: This gives an overview of the gifts that couldn't be pulled due to errors. It shows you why there was an error and relevant information on how to resolve the issue.

Please note:

  • For scheduled gift pulls, there is an additional option to Pause sync if required. You can use this option if you are not looking to pull gifts for a certain time period.

  • If you're using gift import to pull the offline gifts added to your Raiser's Edge account, please do not add them manually to your campaign, as that would result in creating duplicate gifts.

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