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Create a Mentorship Program and Set up Basic Details
Create a Mentorship Program and Set up Basic Details

Create a Mentorship Program, Basic Settings, Connections

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We're transforming the way mentorship programs work. From recognizing mentees with intent before they even reach out to personalized mentor recommendations and structured plans, our revamped Mentorship module is designed to make mentorship more efficient and effective.

  • Create a Mentorship Program

    • To create a new Mentorship program, navigate to Tools --> Mentorship in the admin navigation.

Set up the basics as follows ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Basic Settings

    • Here, you can add the name of the mentorship program.

    • Set up the verifications required to access mentorship programs, e.g., Only Alumni.

    • Send admin notifications to: Add the email address of the admins who should receive notifications for updates on this program.

    • Set the Maximum connections:

      • "Maximum connections" is the limit that an admin can set on the number of mentorship relationships a mentor or mentee can have simultaneously in the platform.

      • This includes identifying interested users, creating appropriate pairs, and overseeing mentor-mentee interactions.


    • The number of requests a mentee can send will also be limited by the maximum connections set.

    • Mentors can have unlimited pending requests, but active/accepted connections are limited by the same.




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