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How can I pair Mentors and Mentees?
How can I pair Mentors and Mentees?

Learn how you can Pair Mentors and Mentees.

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Learn how you can create new Mentor and Mentee connections as an admin.

Step 1: Go to Connections

On the Mentorship Page, go to Connections. Here you will be able to see all the Mentor and Mentee pairs and their mentorship details.

Step 2: Creating a new Mentor and Mentee pair

Under Connections, click on the + sign on the bottom left. This will open a pop-up on the right where a new connection can be created.

Step 3: Adding the connection details

Here, search and add the mentee and mentor profiles and choose the mentorship service. Click on Create connection to save it. You will be able to see this newly created connection under the Connections tab.

That's all you need to know to effectively create and manage new Mentor and Mentee connections.

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