Mentorship FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions on Mentorship.

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How to send a request to a Mentor?

Once you have enrolled in the Mentorship program as a Mentee, you can access the available Mentors on the platform. Here's how you can send a Mentorship request.

Step 1: On the Mentors tab, select the Mentor you would like to send a request to and click on View Details.

Step 2: On the details page, review if the Mentor meets your mentorship requirement and select the topics you would like to be mentored on under I'd like to connect for.

You can also add a note under Send a note with your connect request.

Step 3: After all the steps are done click on Send request.

How to leave the Mentorship program

For any reason, if you wish to leave the Mentorship Program, you can go to the Settings tab on the Mentorship page and click on Leave Alumni Mentorship Program.

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