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Latest post published in a public space channel



{{ }}

Identifier of the latest post (can be used in URL to navigate to the post directly)

{{ latest_post.heading }}

Heading of the latest post

{{ latest_post.description }}

Description of the latest post

{{ latest_post.post_type }}

Type of post

{{ }}

Name of the channel in which the post was posted

{{ latest_post.channel_slug }}

Slug of the channel in which the post was posted

{{ }}

Name of the space in which the post was posted

{{ latest_post.space_slug }}

Slug of the space in which the post was posted (can be used in URL to navigate to the space directly)

{{ }}

Name of the author of the post

{{ latest_post.created_by.present_picture }}

Present picture of the author of the post

Next three upcoming events

Note: In the tags, "<i>" should be replaced with 0, 1 or 2 to get the event at that index



{{ upcoming_events.<i>.id }}

Identifier of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.name }}

Name of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.description }}

Description of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.slug }}

Slug of the upcoming event (can be used in URL to navigate to the event directly)

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.venue }}

Venue of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.start_datetime|date:"D, d M Y" }}

Start date-time of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.end_datetime|date:"D, d M Y" }}

End date-time of the upcoming event

{{ upcoming_events.<i>.timezone }}

Timezone of the upcoming event

Details of the logged-in user



{{ user.is_authenticated }}

Indicates whether the logged-in user is authenticated

{{ user.profile.first_name }}

First name of the user

{{ user.profile.middle_name }}

Middle name of the user

{{ user.profile.last_name }}

Last name of the user

{{ user.profile.maiden_name }}

Maiden name of the user

{{ user.profile.nickname }}

Nickname of the user

{{ user.profile.full_name }}

Full name of the user

{{ }}

Primary email of the user

{{ user.profile.prefix }}

Title/salutation of the user

{{ user.profile.suffix }}

Suffix of the user

{{ user.profile.class_year }}

Class year of the user

{{ user.profile.get_present_picture }}

Present picture of the user

{{ user.profile.introduction }}

Short bio of the user

{{ user.profile.membership_type }}

Membership type of the user

Some useful snippets


To display “Login” if user is logged-in and “Logout” if user is logged out

URL: /login-logout


{% if not user.is_authenticated %} Login {% else %} Logout {% endif %}

To display “Admin Dashboard” if user is an admin and “Profile” if user is a non-admin

URL: /admin-profile


{% if user.is_any_admin %} Admin Dashboard {% else %} Profile {% endif %}

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