• Step 1: Go to Banner Pictures through the admin panel navigation menu.

  • Step 2: Click on the name of an existing picture to change it, or click on Add Banner Picture on the top right-hand side to add a new picture.

  • Step 3: Click on Choose File to select a picture from your computer.

  • Step 4: Set the order in which the banners appear by specifying a number on the Priority field . 1 appears first, 2 appears after 1, and so on...

  • Step 5:  Specify for whom the picture will appear from the  Visibility menu

NOTE: Some aspects of the next two steps apply only to certain layouts.

  • Step 6: Enter a Heading and Description. On certain layouts, the Heading will appear as text on top of the banner, and the Description will be sub-text

  • Step 7: Button text and Button URL let you set up a button that appears on the banner (see above image). On clicking the button, you'll be redirected to the link specified in Button URL. You can specify relative URLs such as /login , /search, /events, /map, /news, /career-center etc.

Pro Tip: You can use Buttons and Visibility in tandem to build out customized experiences for your users.
For example, you can set up a banner with a button saying 'Register Now' (with Button URL as /login), and set its Visibility to 'Only visitors who do not have an account'.

Another Pro Tip: Banner pictures look best when they are roughly in an aspect ratio of 1:3 (i.e. wide landscape images), and the dimensions are at least 450 px*1350 px.
If the subject of the picture is towards the center of the image (both vertically and horizontally) it'll look even better.

Here's an article for some FAQs around Images and Logos.

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