Adding or Changing Banner Images

Learn more about banner pictures, the sliding images that appear on your home page. Learn how to add new pictures or edit existing ones.

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Banner pictures are essential for your alumni network's appearance. Here's how you can add new pictures or edit existing ones:

Step 1: Navigation

To add or edit banner pictures on your homepage, go to Admin panel > Settings > Platform settings > Banner images to add/edit banner pictures on your homepage.

Step 2: Add or Edit

  1. Click on "Add Banner Picture" to include a new picture on the homepage.

  2. If you wish to change an existing image, click on the "Name of the banner image" you want to edit.

Step 3: Choose File

  1. Click "Choose File" to select and upload a picture from your computer.

Step 4: Provide a Name

  1. Give the picture a name by entering it in the "Heading" field.

Step 5: Add a Description

  1. Enter a description of your choice. The text here will be displayed on the homepage for all users.

Step 6: Include a Button

  1. If you'd like to add a button to the banner image, enter what you'd like to call the button in the "Button text" field.

Step 7: Define Button's Destination

  1. After adding the button, specify where it should redirect users when clicked. Enter the link in the "Button URL" field.

Step 8: Set Visibility Criteria

  1. Configure the "visibility" for the banner image based on your preferences.

Step 9: Prioritize the Image

  1. Assign a priority number to the banner picture, considering the sequence of existing banner images.

  2. Once all the details are set, ensure you check the "Active" box.

  3. Click "Save Changes" for the picture to be displayed on the homepage.

The screenshot below show how each of the set up you've done above is visible to your users.

Pro Tip: Banner pictures look best when they are in the correct aspect ratio of 1:3 (i.e. wide landscape images), and the dimensions are at least 450 px*1350 px. You can find more information on dimensions here.

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