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Understanding 'Unsubscribed Users

Learn more about managing unsubscribed users and refining your email strategies.

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'Unsubscribed Users' refers to individuals who have chosen to opt out of receiving certain types of bulk emails sent through the platform.

When a bulk email is sent, recipients have the option to unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of the email. Clicking this link removes them from future emails of that particular emailing group.

How to Add an Unsubscribe Link to an Email

This feature is integral for respecting user preferences and adhering to email marketing best practices. Follow the instructions in the GIF to add an unsubscribe link.

Admin View of Unsubscribed Users:

As an admin, you can view the list of unsubscribed users through the 'Unsubscribed Users' feature in the admin panel.

This information helps you understand who has opted out and from which mailing group. If you notice a high number of unsubscribes from a specific email, consider it:

  • An opportunity to review and improve your content.

  • Try reaching out to unsubscribed users for feedback can further refine your messaging strategy.

Opting Out from All Communications

Unsubscribing from one group doesn’t remove a user from all communications. For example, a user can opt out from 'Football' group emails but still receive emails from their class group, like 'Class of '87'.

If a user requests to be removed from all communication, you can adjust their preferences in Data Studio accordingly.

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