Here is a break down of what happens when you send out an email on communication center.

Step 1: Marcus sends an email to an email group.

When the email is sent, Almabase 'masks' Marcus' real email ID. This is to ensure that:

  1. Email servers recognize Marcus as a real person who is not trying to trick the system.

  2. Marcus' real email ID is not made available to everyone.

  3. Any replies to this email can be tracked.

So when someone receives an email from Marcus, it will come from, say, (viz. the domain of your almabase platform)

Step 2: Tim replies to Marcus

When Tim wants to reply to the email, It is again routed through Almabase using a unique email ID to identify Marcus, and the particular Bulk email that Tim is replying to.

Once Almabase receives an email from Tim, a few security checks are done, and the email is then forwarded to Marcus's email that is on his record. (let us suppose it is

When Marcus replies to Tim, it is again sent through the almabase system using a masked email that Almabase assigns for Tim.

Step 4: Going back and forth on email.

This system will shuttle emails back and forth until the conversation ends. At every juncture, emails are sent through a masked email ID. Received first by Almabase, and then automatically forwarded to the relevant email ID after some security checks.

Wait, so does that mean anyone that has access to this masked email send an email to my alumni?

Not quite. When a reply or an email hits the Almabase system, the sender's email is looked up on your database. If no record has been found for that email, the email will not go through to the final recipient.

Eg: If someone named Greg tries to send an email to; almabase first checks for Greg's email on your almabase database.
If it exists - Marcus will receive the email.
If it does not exist - Marcus will not receive the email. Greg will subsequently get an automated reply from Almabase stating that he does not have sufficient permissions to email Marcus.

You can also set the email id, and username visible to the users when an Automated Email is sent.
Refer the article What is the use of Primary Communication ID?

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