What is the home page? What are the different elements on it?

This is the first page that you see when you go to your platform. You’ll see 5 major blocks of content. From top to bottom, these are:

  • Header:
    This contains the logo, the name of the platform, and links to your social media pages. To make any changes to this, reach out to the almabase operations team.

  • Banner Pictures:
    You can customize this from the Banner Pictures tool  on the admin panel

  • Content Cards:
    These are the card blocks that you see when you land on the home page. The blocks are, in order:
    News and Updates, Events, Update Profile, Social, Gallery, Alumni Needs, Career Center, Campaigns, Popular Mentors, Notable Alumni.
    (NOTE: The last two appear only once mentors have signed up, or at least five

    notable alumni have been added by you)

    The content within these cards are based on what you add to the respective content channels through the admin panel. The design and layout of these cards on the home page is fixed and cannot be altered. 

  • Footer:
    This contains a block for the alumni map, plus the footer with menu items.

    The footer can be edited on the Edit Main Menu and Footer tool on the admin panel.

Can I move or reorder the cards on the home page for - Events, News & Updates, Gallery, etc. ?

  • No. Currently, these are fixed, but we are working on a new layout which will allow you to customize the placement of these content cards.

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