What is the Registration page?

  • There are a few questions that you (or your alumni) are required to answer as part of the sign-up process for the platform. It is structured like a form with different sections. This is collectively what we refer to as the registration/signup page

Can you remove the phone number from the registration form or make it optional to fill in?

  • We can remove the phone number from the registration page. The field will still appear on the individual member’s Profile page and you can update it from there after signing up.

Can you add fields for address/birthdate to the registration page?

  • No, we cannot add address or birthdate field or any other field other than the custom fields on the registration page.

Can I modify the text on the registration page?

  • The fields are fixed, but some of the text can be modified. Write to help@almabase.com with the details on what text you’d like to change and we’ll let you know what can be done.

Can I remove options apart from "Alumni" from the dropdown list for Role?

  • There are 4 preset roles: Alumni, Student, Faculty, Staff and Other. These cannot be changed or removed. You can add additional roles to this list, though (e.g. Parent, Community member etc.). To add more roles, write to help@almabase.com

 Can I remove any of the existing fields on the registration page?

  • We can remove ‘Phone Number’ and Year of Entry. Also,  ‘Location’ can be made optional but not removed.
    None of the other fields can be removed. These are the bare minimum  pieces of information required from a user to map them effectively to your database.

 Can I add additional fields on the registration page?

  • We can add additional fields, but we wouldn’t recommend this, as our experience has shown that longer sign up forms significantly increase drop-off before a user completes registration.

    We can still add additional fields on the registration page. But there is not much flexibility on the placement of such fields and these additional fields will appear for all the roles. Adding fields for specific roles is not possible. 

Can we add more roles in the drop down? If yes, can we add fields that we want for those roles?

  • Yes, additional Roles can be added.
    The registration page for these roles is preset with the following fields - Name, Email, Phone Number, City, Password and Preferences. These cannot be changed.

    Any other additional fields, if required, can be added but these additional fields will appear for all the other roles too. Role-specific additional fields are not possible.

One of our alumni is unable to find his city in the dropdown, can you please check why is that?

  • The location related fields on the platform are linked to Google Places - This is to make them more accurate and avoid typo errors and such. This also makes your Data Studio much more powerful.

    It is very likely, that the ‘city’ your alum is trying to enter is not defined by google as a ‘city’. If google defines that place as a ‘town’ or ‘village’ or something else, it wouldn’t show up in the dropdown. In such cases, it would be best to try by typing in the closest city to your place.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, drop us an email at help@almabase.com with the name of the city you are trying to find.

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