In the Directory search, the alumni are sorted alphabetically on their first name, can you sort it using last name? Also, can users have a choice to sort however they want when looking through the profiles?

  • We cannot change the sorting order in the Directory search.

Can we add or remove any of the filter attributes on Directory search page?

  • These filter attributes are customizable. We can remove or add filters on any field you require.
    The number of fields as a filter parameter is 8. Within a filter(nested) you have upto 3 filter parameters.
    For example:- Within the filter parameter for Education you have Degree, Field of Study, and Specialization. You cannot have another one for, say, Year of Entry.
    You can remove one of the existing parameter to add another.

    Write to us at to make any changes to the filter parameters on the Directory search page.

Can we change the labels of the filter parameters on the Directory search page?

  • Yes, that can be done.
    The settings for this is not accessible to the admins. Write to us and we will do it for you.

Can I add new profiles to the directory?

  • In the address bar of your browser type in 'your site name/profile/create
    'For e.g.,

    An unfilled Profile Update screen appears.
    Fill this up with details and then click Save Changes.

    This approach is best if you're just adding individual profiles.
    If you need to upload bulk information (say, of a new graduating class, or just a whole new set of info that you just received), then you can send us an excel spreadsheet.

    Just shoot us a message at with the spreadsheet(excel) file attached and we will get this done for you.

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