How many photos can we add on the platform in general? Is there a point (at 1,000 or 5,000 photos?) where those files will be too heavy and cause the platform to be slower?

  • There is no limit to the number of photos that can be uploaded, but there is a limit to the size of the individual image (20 MB). The platform as such is not affected by the number of photos, but only when you try to open an image which is big in size, the system might take time to load it.

How can I upload images to the ‘XYZ’ page I created?

What is the recommended size for Banner images/ Cover images?

  • All the pictures (banner photos on the home page, cover photos for events, chapters etc.) are designed to be responsive. i.e. they automatically resize themselves to fit the screen you’re viewing it on. Images no longer get chopped off just cause you’re looking at it on mobile.

  • That being said, the pictures will look better if you stick to the following guidelines regarding their sizes

  • Banner images on the home page:  3:1 aspect ratio (and at least 1350 px*450 px)

  • For chapters, events, stories: 4:1 aspect ratio (and at least 1200px * 300px)

    Pro Tip:
    To make your pictures look even better, try to use pictures where the subject (highlight/main focus) is towards the center of the image, both horizontally and vertically. This way, it will look best as a cover image.

    Here's an articles with some
    banner image examples.

Can I reorder the sliding banner pictures on the homepage?

  • The banner pictures on your homepage can be re-ordered by setting a Priority.1 will appear first, 2 will come after that and so on...

  • You will find the field to set Priority at the bottom of the page while adding a banner picture. You can add banner pictures from Banner Pictures on the admin panel.

  • The banner pictures slide automatically every few seconds unless you hover on it.

How can I change the main logo on my site? And also the Email logo and the small icon that see on the browser tab?

  • The main logo or email logo on the site is not available for the admins to set, as of now.
    You share the new logo with us at, and we will make the changes for you.

Can we tag alumni on the images that we upload in the gallery, like we do in Facebook?

  • No. We do not have a feature to tag people in images you upload in gallery.

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