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How to connect Zoom Account to Almabase?
How to connect Zoom Account to Almabase?

The admins of the Almabase Platform can connect the Zoom account to create webinars and manage webinars on Almabase.

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Zoom's Almabase App lets you manage Zoom webinar registration directly on Almabase.

This guide covers:

  1. Installation & Configuration

  2. Usage

  3. Uninstalling the Almabase App

  4. FAQs

  5. Contact Support


  • Zoom Account with a Webinar add-on.

  • Almabase Platform with Events

Installation & Configuration

  • Go to any event created on the Almabase platform and select a Zoom webinar.
    [How to create events on Almabase Events Platform?]

  • Under the Event Venue section, please select Zoom Webinar from the Dropdown and Click on connect your Zoom account.

  • Verify the permissions and click Authorize.

  • Almabase App is now ready to accept Zoom webinar registration.


Note: The webinar will be created on the account chosen in the Zoom webinar dropdown.

  • Add a guest to a Zoom webinar: Any user who registers on the event created on our platform will be added as a registrant to the Zoom webinar.

Uninstalling the Almabase App

  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace.

  • Search for Almabase and click the app or navigate to your authorized apps via Manage Apps and choose Almabase.

  • Choose the Manage tab and click Uninstall.

  • Confirm the dialogue and click OK.

Contact Support:

In case of any queries, mail us at

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