Understanding Merge Tags in the Communication Center

Learn about how merge tags can personalize your email communication and effectively engage your community members.

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Merge tags are dynamic tokens in emails that pull in personalized user data, enhancing the effectiveness of your community communications.

What Changes for Admins?

Admins can now incorporate any single-value field from a user's profile as a merge tag in emails. This includes fields like First Name, Last Name, Prefix, Birth Date, and more.

Single-Valued Fields Explained

Single-valued fields are profile attributes that accept only one response, such as:

Pre-Requisite for Using Merge Tags

Before crafting your email, select an email group.

This allows the system to access single-value fields from the profiles of email group members, ensuring a broader range of merge tags.

Without an email group, the variety of accessible merge tags is limited.

"Include Sample Data from" in Test Emails

The "Include Sample Data from" option allows you to preview how merge tags will populate in your email.

By selecting a record, the system uses data from that profile to fill in the merge tags in your test email.

Note: The test email isn’t sent to the profile selected for sample data; it only goes to the addresses entered in the "Send a test email to" field.


Why do I see different records each time I compose a new email? Which records are these?

The records displayed are the members of the email group you've chosen to send the email to, along with the email sender's record. This list refreshes each time you select a different email group.

Is it necessary to select a record even when my email doesn’t contain any merge tags?

Yes, selecting a record under "Include Sample Data" is a mandatory step, regardless of whether your email contains merge tags or not.

Why are there different records listed every time I work on composing a new email? Which records are listed here?

The records listed here are the members of the email group you're sending the mail to and the email sender's record. The list is updated every time you select a different email group.

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