The digest is a roll-up of the newest posts made from all the spaces that a user is subscribed to.

As administrators, you can schedule the digest to be sent every Friday or the first of every month.

How do digest subscriptions work?

The digest is sent only when all of the following are true:

  1. The user is subscribed to the digest. By default, all users are subscribed to the digest. They can unsubscribe from the digest by visiting the 'Subscriptions' page. or by clicking the 'Adjust Preferences link at the end of each digest.

  2. The user is subscribed to at least one space. While all users are subscribed by default to the digest, they are not subscribed to spaces by default. Admins can opt-in users manually to spaces as well. Learn more in Subscribers on Spaces

  3. There is at least one new post since the last digest. The digest is only sent out to users when there are new posts to share.

Do users need to be registered to receive the digest?

No. Any user on the database that has a contactable email and has subscribed to spaces (either opted in by admins or by self) will receive the digest.

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