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Settings for Zoom Webinars
Settings for Zoom Webinars
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This document contains all the default and dynamic settings with which a zoom webinar is created from the Almabase event.

Default Settings:

  • Video is enabled when the host joins the webinar

  • Video is enabled when the panelist joins the webinar

  • Practice session is enabled (Practice session allows hosts/panelists to get acquainted by zoom webinar controls before starting the webinar)

  • HD video is enabled by default

  • All registrations to the webinar are automatically approved.

  • The webinar is automatically recorded and stored on the cloud.

  • Registrations will be closed after the webinar start date.

  • Every registrant will get an email from zoom with the join and cancellation URLs.

  • Any user will be allowed to join the webinar if they have the join URL

  • Only one user can enter from a single join URL.

  • For example, if a person already joined a webinar using his join URL. No other person will be able to join with the same URL.

Dynamic Settings (based on the Event on Almabase):

  • Webinar start date and end date

  • Timezone of the webinar

  • Topic of the webinar

  • Contact name and email of the webinar is set to the name and email of the person who created the event.

Note: Contact name and email of the webinar is used by zoom to send response emails if any registrant replies to the email generated by zoom.

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