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Events on Almabase explained
Understanding how Zoom Webinars work with Almabase Events
Understanding how Zoom Webinars work with Almabase Events

Learn more about the seamless integration between Almabase and Zoom for enhancing your virtual events.

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Linking your Zoom account with Almabase lets you streamline webinar creation and manage attendee registrations directly from the Almabase events page.

Integration Mechanics

  • Event Creation: Events set up on Almabase automatically generate corresponding webinars in Zoom, including details like the webinar join link and webinar settings.

  • Registration Sync: Registrations on Almabase are updated in Zoom instantly. Cancellation of registrations is also synchronized.

  • Privacy Settings: Control access to your event by setting up privacy settings directly on the Almabase events page. These settings let you control if everybody or only limited guests should receive a link (through their unique guest kit).

  • Approval Process: Choose between manual approval of each attendee or auto-approval by verifying registration emails against your database.

  • Webinar Management: For starting the webinar and modifying settings like chat or Q&A, use your Zoom account's settings.

When to Use Almabase-Zoom Integration

  • Tracking Registration and Attendance: Syncs with your database for updated engagement data.

  • Complex Registration Needs: Supports paid tickets, discounts, and tailored registration questions.

  • Guest Communication: Use automated communcations to inform guests pre-event.

  • Database Integration: Auto-approval cross-references registrants with your database for event exclusivity.

  • Coming soon: Automatic attendee list retrieval and participation tracking.

Managing Webinar Settings

Access and adjust your Zoom webinar configurations within your Zoom account. Should you need help, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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