What is Donor Cover Charge or DCC?

With DCC, your donors have an option to cover the additional transaction/processing fees associated with their gift, ensuring that 100% of their donation goes towards supporting the institution's cause.

DCC is a voluntary option; your donors can choose whether to cover the transaction fees or not by checking on DCC in the pre-payment form.

Changes/Setup the admins should be aware of 👇

  • Admins can add transaction fees for the payment gateways on the platform.

  • In calculating the amount required to cover charges, both Almabase and Payment Gateway charges are added together.

  • Donors that pay for the transaction fees have a heart symbol next to their gift amount on the gifts tab.

  • The Gift Export has a separate column identifying which donor has paid for the transaction/processing fees.

What changes for the donor when making a gift 🤔

On the pre-payment form, the donor is prompted if they'd like to pay for the transaction fees or not. The fee amount is specified, the donors can choose to pay the transaction fee or not, it would look like this 👇

How can you enable this add-on feature for your Giving campaign?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or help@almabase.com to get this feature enabled on your platform. 😄

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