What are Donor Covering Charges?

Every institution needs to have an efficient and powerful online fundraising tool to reap the total benefits to achieve their goals or objectives planned by them. This new feature will let your donors cover the processing fees for their gifts, ensuring that 100% of their contribution goes towards supporting your cause. This facility will be available as a voluntary option for your donors so; they can choose to go for the option that suits them best.

What is changing for an admin?

  • Payment gateway transaction charges & Almabase charges can be added to the platform by admins. This can now be only be added by us from the backend.

  • When the amount required to cover charges is calculated, both Almabase charges and Payment Gateway charges are summed up. So we can either do 0% and 5% or 2.5% and 2.5% as a split to cover the charges between Almabase charges and Payment Gateway charges.

What is changing for a donor?

  • Before checkout, each of your donors will now be prompted to cover their donor cover charges. We specify the amount and that this is completely voluntary, so they will always opt-out.

How do I get the feature enabled on the platform?

For more information on this add on feature, Talk to your success manager or reach out to help@almabase.com. We are waiting to assist you!

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