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How to Remove an Alumni or User from an Email Group?
How to Remove an Alumni or User from an Email Group?

Learn how to unsubscribe or remove users from any email group.

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Option 1: Unsubscribe from the Data Studio

Step 1: Navigate to the Data Studio

  1. Go to the Data Studio.

  2. Search and select for the specific user.

Step 2: Access Admin Actions

  1. Click on "Admin Actions".

  2. Go to the "Communication Center".

  3. Then, click on "Unsubscribed records from an existing email group".

  4. Select the email group within the dropdown.

  5. Click "Unsubscribe Members".

Option 2: Remove User from Email Group

Step 1: Copy User Profile ID

  1. In Data Studio, search for the user by their email address.

  2. Opt to "Add/Remove Columns" and look for "Almabase Profile Id".

  3. Select this column, apply changes, and copy the ID.

[video-to-gif output image]

Step 2: Navigate to Email Groups

  1. Go to the admin panel.

  2. Select "Communication Center" > "Email Groups".

Step 3: Edit Email Groups

  1. Find the specific email group.

  2. Click on "more actions" and select "edit group".

Step 4: Search for the User ID

  1. On the "edit email group" page, scroll to "Static members".

  2. Use "Control + F" (on Windows) or "Command + F" (on Mac) to search.

  3. Paste the copied Almabase Profile ID to locate the user.

Step 5: Remove the User

  1. Click on the "X" next to the user's profile ID.

  2. Save changes to remove the user from the group.

Step 6: Verify Removal

  1. Refresh the Email Group listing page.

  2. Click on "view members" for the specific group to ensure the user has been removed.

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