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Create a Competitive Fundraising page
Creating and Configuring a Competitive Fundraising Page
Creating and Configuring a Competitive Fundraising Page

Learn more about how to set up a Competitive Fundraising page.

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Step 1: Initiate Page Creation

  1. Go to "Tools" ➡ "Giving" on the admin navigation.

  2. On the subsequent page, select the "+" sign.

Step 2: Fill in the Page Details

  1. Input the page name

  2. Choose "Competitive Fundraising" for the type.

Step 3: Input Basic Settings

  1. Navigate to the "Page Settings" tab.

  2. Within the "Basic Settings" section, provide the following information:

    • Specify the currency for the campaign.

    • Indicate email addresses to receive notifications upon gift reception.

    • Draft a concise summary for the page.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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