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Creating Events with Fundraising Options
Creating Events with Fundraising Options

Learn more about facilitating event attendees to contribute to their preferred fund during registration.

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After enhancing our Fundraising module, attendees can now contribute to giving campaigns when registering for events.

Offer donations option in two ways

  • Gift Tickets

  • Gift Button

Gift Tickets

All you need to do to enable donations is to add a Gift Ticket. The steps are almost similar to setting up Payment Rules and Fund Options during a fundraising campaign creation.

  1. In “Event Settings”, find the option to incorporate a “Gift Ticket”.

  2. Complete the subsequent fields:

    • Gift Name

    • Gift Description

    • Fund Designation (Only one fund can pair with a gift ticket)

    • Minimum amount (Should be less than the smallest Quick Select Option value)

    • Activate "Publish" to display it on the event page.

Here's how the gift ticket will look to the event registrant.

Points to note:

  • Gift Tickets only associated with events that have other ticket types (like Seated, Mandatory, or Open).

  • An event comprised solely of Gift Tickets appears as a campaign. Instead, generate a campaign page.

  • For complimentary events that encourage donations, fashion a free mandatory ticket and append a gift ticket.

Gift Button

This fresh feature in the events module introduces a gift widget on the guest kit. Attendees can swiftly use it to donate.

Additionally, switch between giving campaigns or funds mid-event for heightened attendee engagement.

Adding a Gift Button to your event

  1. Visit the “Guest Kit” tab.

  2. Within the “Gift Button” section, select “Configure Gift Button” to adjust settings and affix the Gift button.

From the sidebar, modify:

  • The linked campaign for the gift button.

  • A description for the Gift button.

  • The display text for the Donate button.

What's Different?

For Admins

  • Admins can set up a gift button widget on the Guest Kit that is linked to a campaign on Almabase’s giving product.

  • Admin can refresh the gift button card during a live stream, shifting the tied campaign, urging guests to update the card, thus directing to an alternatively appealing campaign.

For Guests

  • Guests will see a gift button and a progress bar for the associated campaign on their guest kit. They can make a donation easily from here in no time.

How do I get the feature enabled on the platform?

Wondering how to access this feature? Consult your success manager or send a message to Your feedback, inquiries, or suggestions are always valued!

Please reach out to us at or via the Intercom Chat 💬 if you need further information. We're here for you! 😄

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