Adding Content to the Campaign Page

Learn how to incorporate descriptions, images, videos, and other content to the campaign landing page and the countdown page.

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Landing Page Content

Step 1: Access Landing Page Details

  1. Navigate to "Landing Page Details".

Step 2: Add Description

  1. Input the desired content for the campaign page in the "Description" field.

    1. This is a rich-text field, allowing for the addition of images, GIFs, and videos to enhance the visual appeal.

Step 3: Add Banner Images

  1. Upload suitable banner images tailored for both desktop and mobile screens.

Step 4: Preview the Content

  1. To ensure the content aligns with your vision, click on "Preview Landing Page" to view the layout as donors would see it.

  2. The "Preview Landing Page" option also allows for a glimpse of how challenges and leaderboards would appear to donors.

Countdown Page Content

Step 1: Configure Countdown Page

  1. Navigate to the "Set custom countdown page details" section to begin customizing the countdown page.

Step 2: Preview the Countdown Page

  1. To view how the countdown content appears to users, click on "Preview Countdown Page".

Step 3: Understand Customization Options

  1. Remember that customizing the countdown page is a choice. If not set up, the countdown page will simply mirror the landing page.

  2. It's recommended to utilize the "Custom Countdown" section as a promotional space. Incorporate content that can foster anticipation and enthusiasm for the upcoming campaign among your community members.

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