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Adding Leaderboards

Learn to set up custom and location-based leaderboards for your fundraising campaign.

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Leaderboards can be classified into:

  • Custom Leaderboard - Derived from specific parameters set in the payment forms of the campaign.

  • Location-Based Leaderboard - Determined by the City, State, or Country as specified by the donor.

Custom Leaderboard

Step 1: Construct a Form with Essential Fields

  1. Decide on the leaderboard parameters.

  2. Add those fields to pre or post-payment forms.

Only single select fields (dropdowns or radio buttons) are leaderboard-compatible.


  • Giving Day Pre-Payment Form: A radio button field labeled "Affiliation" was incorporated.

  • Giving Day Post-Payment Form: A dropdown field named "Class year" was introduced and then linked to the campaign.

Step 2: Integrate a Custom Leaderboard

  1. Navigate to the campaign's "Page Settings".

  2. Look for the "Add Leaderboards" option.

  3. Input a title and, under "Group by", select the field you added to the form.

Some Notes

  • Leaderboards can display either "Most Generous", "Highest Participation", or both.

  • Upon publishing, the leaderboard will be showcased on the campaign landing page.

  • For class year groupings, refer to the Grouped Leaderboard article.

Location-based Leaderboard

  1. In the "Group by" section, look for the options for City, State, and Country.

  2. The location details of each donor are gathered through the prepayment form, thus, these options are already embedded for easy leaderboard creation.

Some Notes

  • "Reach & Generosity" leaderboard is default but editable.

  • Rearrange leaderboards using the drag feature.

  • "Generosity" tab allows display customization: names with amounts, names only, or tributes.

  • Challenges and leaderboards appear after the campaign launch.

  • Preview via "Preview Landing Page".

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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