How to Merge Duplicate Profiles?

Learn how to merge two profiles that have been identified as duplicates.

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There are two methods for merging duplicate profiles. 

The steps are nearly identical, with the only distinction being that in the duplicate feature, the two profiles available for merging are pre-selected. On the other hand, when using individual profile pages, you must manually select the specific profile you want to merge with.

1. Duplicates Feature Under the Members Section on the Admin Panel

Step 1: Access the Duplicates feature through the admin panel

Note: The left column represents the Original profile, and the right column represents the duplicate profile. You can swap these by clicking on "Swap."

Note: The algorithm calculates a weighted match based on similarities in fields like Name, Class, Major, etc., and presents pairs of profiles with match percentages equal to or greater than 80%.

Step 2: Duplicates Feature. Click on the ‘Merge’ button to proceed. The screen below will appear.

Step 3: Merge profiles. Select the fields you want to merge in the profile.

Step 4: After selecting the fields, click 'Merge.' All selected data will be copied to the ‘Original/Master record,’ and the ‘Duplicate record’ will be archived.

2. Merging from Individual Profile Pages

Step 1: Visit the unregistered profile identified as a 'Duplicate' and click on the 'Merge Profiles' button.

Step 2: Search for the 'Original' profile and select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click 'Merge Profile.'

Step 4: Follow Steps 3 and 4 in the first method.

While both methods achieve the same goal, the process is simpler when using the Duplicate Profiles feature. It offers two added benefits:

  • You can use the "Swap" button to select which profile should be the Master Record and which should be the Duplicate Record.

  • Our algorithm's match score calculation streamlines the process of identifying and merging duplicates.

Tip: Reserve the "Swap" option for profiles under "Other Profiles."

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