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FAQs on Merging Duplicate Profiles
FAQs on Merging Duplicate Profiles

Find answers to common questions about features related to profile merging, and registered users.

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What is the best method to merge profiles?

Merging profiles can be done through the Duplicates module in the admin panel or directly from the Profile Page.

The Duplicates module is more streamlined because it auto-selects profiles that are likely matches based on attributes like Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Gender, and Class Year. If there's an 80% match or higher, they're flagged as possible duplicates.

What does "Master/Original Record" mean?

It is the record that will remain intact on the system after the merge. All the data that you select while merging the profiles will be pushed to this record.

What happens to the second profile post-merge?

After the merge, the duplicate record gets archived and is not visible anywhere on the platform.

How does the Duplicates module categorize "Registered Users" and "Other Profiles"?

The "Registered Users" tab displays pairs of profiles where one is registered and has a similar unregistered profile.

The registered profile acts as the Master Record. On the other hand, "Other Profiles" shows pairs of unregistered profiles that have similarities. Both in these pairs are Unregistered.

Are there specific guidelines for merging profiles?

  • Two registered profiles cannot merge: If a user has registered multiple times with different emails, these profiles can't be merged due to separate verification for each email to ensure security. Instead, consult the user and consider deleting an extra account.

  • Always set Registered as Master: If you're merging a registered profile with an unregistered one, the registered profile should always be the Master Record. Reversing this would lose registration data.

Why might the "Merge Profile" button be absent?

This button only appears on unregistered profiles to prevent accidental merging of a registered profile with an unregistered one.

Is merging data from both profiles possible?

For multi-value fields, yes, data from both profiles can be merged. However, for single-value fields, which can hold only one data point, you'll need to choose data from just one of the profiles.

How can I identify single-value fields?

In the merge interface, single-value fields are indicated with radio buttons.

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